Hsieh Department Of Electrical Engineering

List of Publications

Summarizer : Trading Communication with Computing Near Storage
Gunjae Koo, Kiran Kumar Matam, Te I, H.V Krishna Giri Narra, Hung-Wei Tseng, Steven Swanson, Murali Annavaram

2018  -  MICRO      
CTA-Aware Prefetching for GPGPU
Hyeran Jeon, Gunjae Koo, Murali Annavaram

2018  -  IPDPS      
Access Pattern-Aware Cache Management for Improving Data Utilization in GPU
Gunjae Koo, Yunho Oh, Won Woo Ro, Murali Annavaram

2017  -  ISCA      
Power Effcient Sharing-Aware GPU Data Management
Abdulaziz Tabbakh , Murali Annavaram, Xuehai Qian

2017  -  IPDPS      
Elastic-Cache : GPU Cache Architecture for Ef?cient Fine -and Coarse-Grained Cache-Line Management
Bingchao Li, Jizhou Sun, Murali Annavaram and Nam Sung Kim

2017  -  IPDPS      
APRES: Improving Cache Effciency by Exploiting Load Characteristicson GPUs
Yunho Oh, Keunsoo Kim, Myung Kuk Yoon, Jong Hyun Park, Yongjun Park, Won Woo Ro, and Murali Annavaram

2016  -  ISCA      
Warped-Preexecution: A GPU Pre-execution Approach for Improving Latency Hiding
Keunsoo Kim, Sangpil Lee, Myung Kuk Yoon, Gunjae Koo, Won Woo Ro, Murali Annavaram

2016  -  HPCA      
Origami: Folding Warps for Energy Effcient GPUs
Mohammad Abdel-Majeed, Daniel Wong, Justin Kuang, Murali Annavaram

2016  -  ICS      
Revealing Critical Loads and Hidden Data Locality in GPGPU Applications
Gunjae Koo, Hyeran Jeon, Murali Annavaram

2015  -  IISWC      
Warped-Compression: Enabling Power Effcient GPUs through Register Compression
Sangpil Lee, Keunsoo Kim, Gunjae Koo, Hyeran Jeon, Won Woo Ro, Murali Annavaram

2015  -  ISCA      
PATS: Pattern Aware Scheduling and Power Gating for GPGPUs
Qiumin Xu and Murali Annavaram

2014  -  PACT      
Reliability-Aware Exceptions: Tolerating Intermittent Faults in Microprocessor Array Structures
Waleed Dweik, Murali Annavaram, and Michel Dubois

2014  -  GOMAC      
Implications of HighEnergy Proportional Serverson Cluster-wide Energy Proportionality
Daniel Wong, Murali Annavaram

2014  -  HPCA      
Warped Gates: Gating Aware Scheduling and Power Gating for GPGPUs
Mohammad Abdel-Majeed, Daniel Wong, Murali Annavaram

2013  -  MICRO      
Warped Register File : A Power Effcient Register File for GPGPUs
Mohammad Abdel-Majeed, Murali Annavaram

2013  -  HPCA      
Warped-DMR : Light-weight Error Detection for GPGPU
Hyeran Jeon, Murali Annavaram

2012  -  MICRO      
KnightShift: Scaling the Energy Proportionality Wall Through Server-Level Heterogeneity
Daniel Wong, Murali Annavaram

2012  -  MICRO      
Wireless Body Area Networks: Where Does Energy Go?
Sangwon Lee, Murali Annavaram

2012  -  IISWC      
Software-based Infield Wearout Monitoring for Synchronous Digital Chips
Bardia Zandian and Murali Annavaram

2012  -  DSN      
Signature-based Online Periodic Fault Tolerance for Microprocessors
Waleed Dweik and Murali Annavaram

2012  -  DSN      
A Case for 3D Stacked Analog Circuits in High-Speed Sensing Systems
Mohammad Abdel-Majeed, Mike Chen, Murali Annavaram

2012  -  ISQED      
Semi-Markovian State Estimation and Policy Optimization for Energy Ef?cient Mobile Sensing
Yi Wang, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Murali Annavaram

2012  -  SECON      
MACAU: A Markov Model for Reliability Evaluations of Caches Under Single-bit and Multi-bit Upsets
Jinho Suh, Murali Annavaram and Michel Dubois

2012  -  HPCA      
Analyzing the Effects of Compiler Optimizations on Application Reliability
Melina Demertzi, Murali Annavaram, Mary Hall

2011  -  IISWC      
Modeling high-level descriptions of real-life physical activities using latent topic modeling of multimodal sensor signals
Samuel Kim, Ming Li, Sangwon Lee, Urbashi Mitra, Adar Emken, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Murali Annavaram and Shrikanth Narayanan

2011  -  EMBC      
Cross-layer Resilience Using Wearout Aware Design Flow
Bardia Zandian, Murali Annavaram

2011  -  DSN      
Soft Error Benchmarking for L2 Cache with PARMA
Jinho Suh, Murali Annavaram, and Michel Dubois

2011  -  SIGMETRICS      
Guarded Power Gating in a Multi-Core Setting
Niti Madan, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Pradip Bose , Murali Annavaram

2011  -  HPCA      
Adaptive and Speculative Slack Simulations of CMPs on CMPs
Jianwei Chen, Lashkmi Kumar Dabbiru, Murali Annavaram and Michel Dubois

2010  -  MICRO      
Continuous Reliability Monitoring Using Adaptive Critical Path Testing
Bardia Zandian, Waleed Dweik, Suk Hun Kang, Thomas Punihaole, Murali Annavaram

2010  -  DSN      
Markov-optimal Sensing Policy for User State Estimation in Mobile Devices
Yi Wang, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Qing Zhao, Murali Annavaram

2010  -  IPSN      
Tolerance of Performance Degrading Faults for Effective Yield Improvement
Tong-Yu Hsieh, Melvin A. Breuer, Murali Annavaram, Sandeep K. Gupta and Kuen-Jong Lee

2009  -  ITC      
The Trade off between Energy Efficiency and User State Estimation Accuracy in Mobile Sensing
Yi Wang, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Qing Zhao, and Murali Annavaram

2009  -  MOBICASE      
Energy-Effcient Multihypothesis Activity-Detection for Health-Monitoring Applications
Gautam Thatte, Ming Li, Adar Emken, Urbashi Mitra, Shri Narayanan, Murali Annavaram and Donna Spruijt-Metz

2009  -  EMBC      
Exploiting Simulation Slack to Improve Parallel Simulation Speed
Jianwei Chen , Murali Annavaram , Michel Dubois

2009  -  ICPP      
Optimal Allocation of Time-Resources for Multihypothesis Activity-Level Detection
Gautam Thatte, Viktor Rozgic, Ming Li, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Urbashi Mitra, Shri Narayanan, Murali Annavaram, and Donna Spruijt-M

2009  -  DCOSS      
A Framework of Energy Effcient Mobile Sensing for Automatic User State Recognition
Yi Wang, Jialiu Lin, Murali Annavaram, Norman Sadeh

2009  -  MOBISYS      
SlackSim: A Platform for Parallel Simulations of CMPs on CMPs
Jianwei Chen, Murali Annavaram , Michel Dubois

2009  -  SIGMETRICS      
Game Theoretic Approach to Location Sharing with Privacy in a Community-based Mobile Safety Application
Hua Liu, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Murali Annavaram

2008  -  MSWIM      
Virtual Trip Lines for Distributed Privacy-Preserving Traffic Monitoring
Baik Hoh, Marco Gruteser , Ryan Herring, Jeff Bana, Daniel Work, Juan-Carlos Herrera, Alexandre M. Bayen, Murali Annavaramb,

2008  -  MOBISYS      
Implications of Device Timing Variability on Full Chip Timing
Murali Annavaram, Ed Grochowski, Paul Reed

2007  -  HPCA      
Die Stacking (3D) Microarchitecture
Bryan Black, Murali Annavaram, Ned Brekelbaum, John DeVale, Lei Jiang, Gabriel H. Loh, Don McCauley, Pat Morrow, Donald W. Ne

2006  -  MICRO      
Mitigating Amdahl’s Law Through EPI Throttling
Murali Annavaram, Ed Grochowski, John Shen

2005  -  ISCA      
The Fuzzy Correlation between Code and Performance Predictability
Murali Annavaram, Ryan Rakvic, Marzia Polito, Jean-Yves Bouguet, Richard Hankins, Bob Davies

2004  -  MICRO      
Scaling and Characterizing DatabaseWorkloads : Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice
Richard Hankins, Trung Diep, Murali Annavaram, Brian Hirano, Harald Eri, Hubert Nueckel, and John P. Shen

2003  -  MICRO      
Branch Behavior of a Commercial OLTP Workload on Intel IA32 Processors
Murali Annavaram, Trung Diep, John Shen

2002  -  ICCD      
Data Prefetching by Dependence Graph Precomputation
Murali Annavaram, Jignesh M. Patel, Edward S. Davidson

2001  -  ISCA      
Call Graph Prefetching for Database Applications
MURALI ANNAVARAM Intel Corporation and JIGNESH M. PATEL and EDWARD S. DAVIDSON The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2001  -  HPCA      
Instruction Overhead and Data Locality Effects In Superscalar Processors
Murali Annavaram, Gary S.Tyson, Edward S. Davidson

2000  -  ISPASS      
Comparison of Two Storage Models in Data-Driven Multi threaded Architectures
Murali Annavaram and Walid A. Najjar

1996  -  IPDPS