Hsieh Department Of Electrical Engineering


  • Dynamic Near-Data Processing Control Mechanism Based On Computer Resource Availability On Solid-State Disk Platforms

    Patent Pending - 2018

  • Runtime Selection Of Most Energy-Efficient Approach For Services Requested By Mobile Applications

    Patent Issued - 2012

  • Method and Apparatus for Continuous Circuit Reliability Monitoring Using Self Managed Adaptive Critical Path Testing

    Patent Issued - 2010

  • Methods, Apparatuses, And Computer Program Product For Traffic Data Aggregation Using Virtual Trip Lines And Gps-enabled Mobile Handsets

    Patent Issued - 2008

  • Method And Apparatus For Reducing Bank Conflicts In 3d Stacked L3 Dram With Prefetching Into L2

    Patent Issued - 2006

  • Transferring Data From Stacked Memory

    Patent Pending - 2006

  • Load Balancing For Multi-Threaded Applications Via Asymmetric Power Throttling

    Patent Pending - 2005

  • Method, System, And Apparatus For Detecting And Recovering From Timing Errors

    Patent Issued - 2005

  • Method And Apparatus For Late Timing Transition Detection

    Patent Issued - 2005

  • Method and Apparatus for Varying Energy Per Instruction According to the Amount of Available Parallelism

    Patent Issued - 2004

  • Method and Apparatus for a Variable Pop Hardware Return Address Stack.

    Patent Issued - 2003